What is a QR code?

  • A QR (or Quick Response) code is a type of two-dimensional barcode.
  • Nowadays, it can be scanned using a mobile phone’s camera.
  • Some phones may require installing an application for the purpose.
  • On scanning, the phone takes you to the web page link which is coded in the QR code.

Can a QR code be used for check-in attendees?

  • Yes! Check-in through QR code is very fast and easy.
  • It can be used for marking the attendance of:
    • Students in the classroom and lecture theatres
    • Employees in an office
    • Participants in the meetings
    • Attendees of open-day, conferences, and symposiums
    • Attendees of birthday parties, ceremonies, and funerals, etc.

How does a QR code work for attendees to check-in?

  • The attendees are required to scan the QR code generated by the event’s organizer.
  • Then, they are taken to the web page where they enter their details (name, ID, etc.)
  • They see the confirmation page at the end.

What is the purpose of QRAtt.com?

  • At QRAtt.com, the event’s organizer can quickly generate a check-in online form and a QR code that links to the form.
  • The QRAtt.com does not require sign-up at all!

How the QRAtt.com can be used by the event organizers?

  • At the home page, chooses from the various options for the check-in form:
    • ID (or identity): Can be used to accept student roll numbers and employee IDs etc.
    • Email and Contact: Good when the participants are not known to the organizer, for example, open-day, conferences, and symposiums.
    • Feedback: Very useful to receive feedback from the attendees as a 5-star rating.
    • Comments: Helpful for accepting textual feedback and suggestions.
    • Enter your email address and passkey.
    • Finally, click the “Start Check-in” button.
    • You will be taken to the page showing a QR code that has the link to the check-in form.
  • You can now share that QR code with your participants:
    • Project it on the screen
    • Printout and paste on the notice board
    • Download and share it on email, Facebook, etc.
  • To stop the check-ins or to download the list of attendees:
    • Click the "Organiser?" link below the QR code.
    • Then, enter the same email and passkey that you entered while making the form.
    • Note that, the links to the QR code page and the organizer’s page are also sent to your email address.

For more quries, comments and feedback, please contact: support@qratt.com.

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